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I am a horrible maintainer

I hate people who whore their newly created communities in other communities. Here let me provide an example.. *cough*..


There are many of us out there who are suffering from or are suspecting they suffer from psychological disorders, such as Borderline (BPD), Manic Depression, Bipolar Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Social Anxiety, Autism, and others. One of the hardest things to deal with are the people we care about, whether they be family or romantic partners. Sometimes they just don't understand what we go through.

This is a place to vent our frustrations, seek advice, or just explore in how to deal with those we love. Maybe we just need to know that even though there are those around us that don't understand, that there others who know exactly what we're going through, and that's what this place is for. Ask for advice, share stories, seek support..

No one's problems or issues are too small here. Just because a lot of the disorders I mentioned are big and menacing, doesn't mean those with just basic social anxiety or depression issues aren't welcome. Everyone is welcome here.

The Rules:
• I will not tolerate any flaming, taunting, or harrassment of any member of this community. It will result in being banned from here.
• Some may choose to make their posts friends-only, and out of respect to them, please respect their privacy.
• No spamming, trolling, or asking for invitation codes for LiveJournal.
• Please try to remain on topic. The topic is broad in nature, but we don't want to know what you thought of the new Britney CD. (I probably liked it, but that's totally besides the point.)

Join here!
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