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People really piss me off. I went perusing through all of the flames here and was absolutely disgusted. They're upset because some girl wrote a story that takes place in World War II Germany--more specifically in Aushwitz. The story is about a Jewish girl who is sent there for, well, being Jewish...but while she's there she meets a Nazi named Adolf and falls in love with him.

Because the guy's name is Adolf everyone just assumes that he is Adolf Hitler even though "Adolf" has always been a common German name and was the most common German name during the 1920s and 30s. Because of this everyone flames this poor girl and gives her crappy reviews. Her writing is pretty bad, but she doesn't deserve the flames she's getting. Her story just is not offensive, but people are way too sensitive about this stuff.

What really pisses me off (being a history buff and all) is the fact that they're all like "I visited the Holocaust Museum and let me tell you how evil those Nazis were, I totally know what I'm talking about because I took a field trip in high school." Bastards. Take some Western Civilization classes you assholes! >.<

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