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gotta love "friendship"

my friends dog died a few days ago. how did she die? by suffocating to death under her bed in a bag of potatoe chips! i told a couple of friends of mine. and they all found that really funny. because it is. not because the dog died, but just the way it happend, you know! and so my friend matt said "thats called natural selection" (Meaning, thats gods way of getting rid of stupid animals.) well.... here is what she wrote in her journal about me, him and my friends...shes from california and i am from boston:
[28 Jun 2003|11:02am]
Stupid bitchez in SHIT FUCK HOLE NASTY ASS BOSTON that joke about my dead dog need to die. I will crush every one of your putrid little faces with a brick. Its fucking great when your friend you have known for 5 years says you dog was stupid anyway. and runs around telling all her friends my dog is dead, and they say stupid animals need to die anyway. FUCK YOU BOTH! and then have the nerve to fucking tell me that. I am so sick of fucked up people trying to piss me off and hurt me for no fucking reason. MY FUCKING DOG IS DEAD!!!!!!! and you fucking expect me to laugh about you talking stupid fucking shit. People like that have no fucking respect and I wish for their fucking death. Im seriously thinking about making a trip to the east coast to sale some cutco, and for business, and PLEASURE. :) I will wish bad things every night for the rest of my life that certain persons will have a hell of a life. THEY ALREADY do anyway working at a fucking grocery store as a career, not going to school. Why do lame no bodies have to try to bring everyone down and make them feel like shit? Everyone brings them down and makes them feel like shit so they have to do it to everyone else. That is one thing I will NEVER forgive for, so if the fucking UGLY slug face reads this FUCK OFF YOU WORTHLESS CUNT, I will put a fucking bullet in your cats head and then laugh about you, haha your cat was stupid anyways, haha. See how you feel you lame ass cunt fuck. Kill yourself. Go through your big suicidal attention whore trip cuz that is all you are. You're a piece of fucking shit! you will never amount to a fucking cockroach. You're scum, so if your queer boyfriend. Keep up the good work stocking shelves for minimum wage. No Respect. You'll never have good friends with the way you run your mouth, whens the next time you will lose another? You'll piss off Stefanie eventually and she will drop kick your ass. If that happened, I would personally fly to Boston and give her a high five, go down the street get a tuna wrap for ya shove in your fat mouth, then eat your french fries, and demand DR PEPPER!!!!!!!! Go to hell now, don't call me, don't email me, don't write in my journal, don't write about me, I will change EVERYTHING including my address if you don't stay the FUCK AWAY you sleeze ball. Have a horrible life you ugly fuck.
ya gotta love true friends.(doesnt she have great grammar skills?!)
the thing that pisses me off most is the fact that shes all into "HATING DRAMATIC BITCHES WHO MAKE BIG DEALS ABOUT NOTHING"!
and when matt said the "natural selection" thing, it was just a joke, and he didnt laugh. nobody did...we were just talking about it. but when she asked me what i did that day, i mentioned that and she got all upset and then----she says:
"well you tell him! tell him...HIS DAD DYING OF LUNG CANCER IS NATURAL SELECTION!"
NOW THAT is uncalled for.
your dog dying is one thing, your dad is another ALTOGETHER. am i right or am i wrong?!
fuck her. its not worth it.
Xo all,
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