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Mmmm rain on Tuesday..

A list..

1. My eyes are constantly itchy, and despite the fact that I am armed with a fresh thing of Visine, I am helpless to stop this.
2. The fonts on this computer suck poopy.
3. My boss is still out of town. I feel bad for him, but I'm poor and I would like to finally get paid.
4. It's raining out. I didn't realize it was going to rain. It started raining right when I stepped foot out from under the arch in West Village.
5. I'm still poor.
6. Did I mention I'm poor?
7. Did I mention that a former friend of mine is trying to weasel $15 out of me that I don't even owe her? What the fuck? There are people I actually owe money to, and here she comes trying to take money from someone who doesn't have any. Her reasoning? She doesn't have much money and she wants me to pay for a gift (a GIFT) she got me last September. Oh my god, I hate people.
8. For most of the afternoon and early evening, I will be stuck here in the Cullinane Building, worrying about Ari and not knowing what to do. Rawr.
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this is why drugs are bad

not as much of a rant as something hilighting my stupidity and affinity for illegal substances last year... keep in mind i was high and drunk as hell and recently dumped when the soon to be mentioned story happened

girl: im crying over ER
girl: such a loser
me: last year i cried at the beginning of the transformers movie
girl: lol
girl: thats so great
me: i mean the whole planet of robots got killed
me: men women and children robots
me: a culture not unlike out own
me: and i get dissed for crying at it... just because they can turn into racecars and planes and dump trucks

hope somebody gets a kick out of it
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mine? mine? mine? mine?

Guys and their stupid jokes.

What is it with guys, seriously? Why do they feel that they can sacrifice the feelings of others simply for the sake of "making a funny"? Do they think that we'll understand their sick desire to be the comedian all the time, no matter what the costs are? Maybe I'm just a spoiled sport, but I don't understand it one bit. I can't laugh at a joke when it's at the expense of me. Guys need to get over themselves.

Argh, this is going to be a bad day. I can feel it.
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i think i'm going to love this place

i am hungover as shit... this influenced my decision to finally join this place and join in the festivities. my gf of nearly 2 years dumped me last october, left me for another guy, screwed him over, we half assed got back together and then it all went to shit around december. she broke my heart... so what is she doing next? she's going to disney world!!! she went to disney for an internship this semester. she's been there for 5 months and she's coming home next week. she wants to be friends and all, and that's fine i guess, but i still can't help feeling a little resentful.

last night i passed out sometime between 4 and 5, woke up around 7 (the room i was in had no shades) on an oh so uncomfortable couch to the wonderful sound of people screwing in the room next to me... now granted, last night's party was KILLER, but this morning was shitty as hell. i need sleep. i'm out.

yes, i love this place
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mine? mine? mine? mine?


Here are some resentment/hatred filled questions for the masses..

1. Why is it so cold and windy?
2. Why do my allergies act up when I'm inside, and it's not even nice out?
3. Moreover, why do I start the one day I'm not at work, and don't have access to my meds?
4. Why is my therapist such a flake?
5. Why am I stumped on my why do I want to go to NU essay? I know why I want to go, I just can't put it into words. Also, I don't think that saying I want to hump NU's leg is exactly appropriate.

This is where I am right now. (That's a webcam shot.) I'm bored and hungry.
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My most expensive fucking book thats brand freaking new and cost me $107 and this freaking university won't buy it back!! AHHH! Why do they just want to screw us out of every last dime!?

If anyone would like a copy of The American System of Criminal Justice, Ninth Edition, please contact me...I am willing to sell at a very low price!
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mine? mine? mine? mine?

I hate Mondays..

Blah, I overslept, and when I called work to let them know I'd be late, he said don't bother coming in. He wasn't mad, it's just that he thinks I'm more stressed than I actually am. He's overcompensating. Ugh!

At least I have a few things this week to look forward to, I guess. :(
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