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What is the Hate Palace?
It's a place where complaining and anger is welcome. It's a place to release all of those pent up "anger rays", because we don't always want to display those feelings on our journal. This is THE place to vent. If someone's stupidity is driving you up the wall, come here. If something happened to you that makes you frustrated and angry beyond all comprehension, welcome to your new home.

What makes this place cool?
I will allow most anything (see rules for exceptions) in here. Name names. Bitch for all the world to see. Usage of expletives are fine by me. There is no set format for your posts. Just say what you have to say.

• Naming names is perfectly fine, but please avoid serious flame wars. "Debates" are fine, though, heh.
• No spamming or trolling. I will boot you faster than you can say "prostitute".
• Do not badger me about posts in here. This is a place for people to get things off of their chest. I do not want people to do my job for me, of regulating thing.

You better fucking have fun, or I'll hit you and complain about you on here!

>:o = Community's face of choice.